We Treat Your Pet Like Family!

We help people with all legal domestic pet services. Our pet transportation service in Denver, CO, is reliable, friendly, and convenient.

NOTE: Dog pick-up services from your home cannot be scheduled after 4:30 pm.

The pet’s owner must be older than 18 years old.

Pet owner must provide a safe pet porter.

All customers must have proof of pet ownership, proof of vaccination and permit license.

Make sure to allow time for pet transportation services. For example, grooming usually takes about four hours, spay or neutering takes about six to seven hours, and a pet doctor examination may take seven to eight hours.

By accessing our website or using any of our services, you acknowledge your agreement to the following terms and conditions:

Legal considerations agreement


Legal considerations agreementLEGAL TERMSThe purpose of this document, the terms, client, owner, pet owner, and customer are synonymous with the person contracting the services for one or more domestic pets. We provide services only when the places of business are open. You need to make the appointment with your close pet service make sure the time for your pet services for example grooming take 4 hr about. spay or neutering take from 6 to 7 hours doctors the do a sedation. the reason the last pick up then bring back home pet’s vet preventive health care only. is at 4:30 pm. Check for holidays (New years eve, Easter sunday, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Veterans day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day). Transport one way or two ways. VIP-pettransporter-rtm llc.VIP-pettransporter-rtm llc. Is not responsible for any home pet owner liabilities. But VIP-pettransporter-rtm llc. Will give the best services.If your pet injures a driver or if your pet runs away we recommend to buy a GPS (can get one through necklace), if your pet get lost or killed by car from traffic, if not, animal control can take action and any charge, the pet owner will have to pay. If your pet fights with other pets, it is owners financial responsibility. If your pet gets sick, we can take to the closest hospital, but VIP-pettransporter-rtm llc. will not pay any cost of emergency, but we will have to charge any extra additional mile. On any service that requires transport one or two way, pet owner will have to notify if the pet is aggressive or bipolar. Pet owner need to provide additional safety for other pets, driver, doctor, groomer, or trainer. VIP-pettransporter-rtm llc. will not be responsible of any evacuation of your pets in case of disaster or weather related event-crisis-emergency, the pet customers is free to cancel the service 24 hrs or reschedule the service your pet service at the same time. We are going to do the best, but cannot guarantee it if your pet gets killed in car accident. VIP-pettransporter-rtm llc will not be responsible for any risk that can occur in your own car. Any traffic accident emergency, the pet owner will have to pay. All the drivers working for the company will go through background checks and tests of pet love.